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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bhai Dooj Cards, Bhaiya Dooj Greetings, Bhai Dooj eCards

Bhai Dooj celebrates the beautiful relation of brother and sister when teeka ceremony is performed by sisters who put an auspicious red tilak on their brother's forehead to mark their love and union along with prayers for happiness of their brother. In return to this, brothers present gifts, sweets or money to their sisters. There are various names for bhaiya dooj as bhaubeej, bhai bij, bhai-phota, bhav bij among various cultures and states of India like Goa, Maharashtra, Bengal, Karnataka and few more. So, this year celebrate bhai dooj on 19 October 2009, Monday with great devotion and love to celebrate Indian tradition and rituals. Exchange these bhai dooj cards and greetings to share wishes, happiness and joy.
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