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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Diwali Cards, Red Happy Diwali Wishes

The color Red denotes happiness according to Hindu culture thats why it is added in almost every social event and celebration. During Deepawali festival, red color based decoratives, torans, diyas, crackers, costumes are highly used by people. We would to like to make their diwali wishes full of red color with our selective range of Red Diwali Cards.Red Diwali Cards
red color diwali background carddiwali red greeting card

Swastika Card For Diwali, Deepawali Swastik Symbol Card

Swastika is a religious Hindu symbol often made during religious ceremonies, auspicious works and new ventures to offer prayers to the god. During diwali, swastika made rangoli, cards, diyas shaped into swastika and other pictures of the swastika sign are made on the floor. You can watch few samples of Swastika Card For Diwali to exchange religious beliefs.swastika rangoli card
Swastika Card For Diwalidiwali diya swastika

Diwali Coloring Cards, Printable Diwali Wish Cards

Enjoy and bring the fervor of Diwali holidays in your craft activities of card making where kids and children enjoy designing their own Diwali Coloring Cards based on pictures of Ganesha, diyas, candles, flowers and other religious themes. Colors are drawn in the printable coloring cards to share with all.
diwali ganesha coloring carddiwali diya coloring cardDiwali Coloring Cards

Diwali Day Cards, Diwali Day Greetings

Enjoy and share the wishes and love of Diwali day among all your loved ones and dear ones with a glittering diya & flowers in the form of these Diwali Day Cards available for free to cheer up wishes and warm greetings. Click it to download for further usage and forwarding to others.
Free Diwali Day CardsDiwali Day WishesDiwali Day Greeting Cards

Diwali Floating Candle Cards, Floral Floating Candles

Floating candles are famous during Diwali season to give new look to your house, puja ghar and other prominent places. For all such people who like to add these scented floating candles as part of their gift item and wishes, we feel free to present these Diwali Floating Candle Cards to exchange among all loved ones.floating candles for diwali
floating candle card for diwaliDiwali Floating Candle Cards

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