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Monday, February 22, 2010

Diwali Cards for My Love, Deepavali Love Greetings

Every occasion is special for couples who share special love notes and feelings about each other by not only wishing in a romantic way but also putting that love feeling in the wishes. On diwali also, couples engage themselves in decorations, rangoli making, puja mandir preparations and other activities. Pamper your love partner to always remain the same and every year be with you for the whole diwali festival. Exchange some really beautiful diwali cards for my love to express wishes with love sentiments.
happy diwali my loveDiwali cards for my lovediwali love greetings

Hindu Diwali Cards, Hindu Deepavali Celebrations

Diwali is mainly festival of hindus in India who celebrate this great day in memory of the day when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhaya after fourteen years of exile. Hindu mythology gives complete story behind deepavali celebration and its association with people's tradition and religious beliefs. You can spread the meaning of diwali to your dearones and nearones along with a happy diwali message for all hindus all over the World through these special segment of hindu diwali cards. Special emphasize on rangoli, puja, decorations, lighting is given on diwali day.
Hindu Diwali Photo CardsHindu Diwali Cardshindu deepavali celebrations

Kannada Diwali Greetings, Diwali Cards in Kannada

Explore some really language specific greeting cards to share happy diwali wishes with people of various states and religions. These kannada specific collection is best for people residing in South India where most people speak and understand their region specific language. You can share any of below displayed kannada diwali greetings with your dearones to make your attachement strong and joyful.
Kannada Diwali GreetingsKannada Diwali Card
happy Diwali in kannadafree deepavali kannada greetings

Tamil Diwali Greetings, Telugu Diwali Wishes

Diwali is celebrated in almost every part of India. Tamil Nadu is one such state where people began deepavali celebrations by taking bath with oil, placing wooden planks, performing pithru tharpanam and many more traditions to have real fun of diwali day. You can share happy diwali wishes with your Telugu language people by gifting them any of these tamil diwali greetings and cards.
tamil movie actor diwali wishesTamil Diwali Greetingsdiwali cards in telugu

Orkut Diwali Greetings, Orkut Diwali Graphics

Decorate your orkut profile with the collection of diwali greetings making your diwali celebration more religious, joyful and glittering. Spread the happy diwali wishes to all over the web by sharing these orkut diwali greetings with sweet heart-felt emotions and sentiments. The lighting diyas, lamps and candles make your orkut account full of cheerful and happy feelings of shubh deepavali.
Orkut Diwali CardsOrkut Diwali Greetingsdiwali graphics for diwali

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