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Friday, June 5, 2009

Personalised Diwali Cards, Personalised Diwali Wishes, Greetings

Personalise your sayings for Diwali to send your heart-felt wishes in a personalised way through one of these personalised diwali cards with your own personal photo, message, saying or quote. MArk this holy day in your calendar with holiday from work and enjoyment with all.
Personalized Cards For Diwali Personalised Diwali Cards Personalised Business Diwali Cards

Grand Diwali Cards

Diwali is a festival of lights which celebrates the arrival of Lord Rama to Ayodhaya after fourteen years of exile. Diwali is the grand day of the year being celebrated with great excitement and joy to welcome hindu god/goddesses shower their kind blessings of love and happiness. Exchange these grand diwali cards to feel the warmth of Indian traditions and culture.
A Grand Diwali Wish Grand Cards For Diwali
Grand Diwali Cards

Diwali Occasion Cards, Occasion of Deepavali Celebrations

Diwali is a occassion of lights symbolizing victory of good over bad, light over darkness. Lord Rama came to his home town 'Ayodhaya' after fourteen years of exile and defeating Ravana who captured Sita to marry her. People enjoy and celebrate this occassion as Diwali so feel free to share our latest brunch of diwali occasion cards.
Diwali Occasion Cards Diwali Occasion Free Diwali Occasion Card

Vintage Diwali Cards

Diwali is all about celebrating hindu traditions and rituals to keep the spirit of Hindu culture alive and spread its roots all over. Diwali is one such great festival of Indians which celebrates the arrival of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile. So, exchange these vintage diwali cards series to keep alive the spirit of Hindu festivals.
vintage diwali series Vintage Diwali Collection
Vintage Diwali Cards

Virtual Diwali Cards

Send these virtual diwali cards to forward your best wishes to entire family members and dear buddies along with your prayers for God to shower their kind love over them. Have virtual aarti in your puja ghar to express your honor and respect to Lord Ganesha, Maa Saraswati, Lakshmi and other god/goddesses.
Diwali Virtual Aarti Cards Virtual Greeting Cards For Diwali
Virtual Diwali Cards

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