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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Diwali Puja - Tradition of Puja on Deepavali

Puja is an important part of every Hindu festival celebration and India culture where every morning puja is conducted to seek blessings and love from god. During diwali festival, puja make the celebration more religious and pious to enjoy every step followed with respect to auspicuous time (muhurat), puja thali, flowers, idols, prayers and more. On diwali night, special puja is done in front of Maa Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesh and other god-goddesses. So, this year, be ready with you diwali puja traditions and rituals to pray god and ask for their kindness, wealth, good luck, happiness and peace for all.
Diwali Puja Tradition of Diwali Puja Hindu Diwali Puja

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